Your brand identity is a key piece of your business' success. With a clear, consistent style your business becomes easily recognizable and people can quickly get a feel for what you're all about. Our team understands how important a well thought out brand identity is and can help give your business a stand out style.
McGrath Branding

Recognizable Style

Our team understands that every part of a graphic contributes to the overall look and feel. Let our team create your new brand identity to match the essence of your mission. 

Creating Familiarity

Whatever look and feel you're envisioning, our team can deliver a style that matches what your business is all about. From clean and simple, to tough and rugged, we can match the unique look you're dreaming of.
Hammercoat Branding

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Check out this branding video we did for McGrath Family of Dealerships that is geared at capturing the community focus and family feel of the company.

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Our team has experience in a wide range of online and traditional marketing. View all our services and some of our work.


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