Internship Program

The Roadmaster Marketing Internship Program will give you a chance to further your experience in an environment that thrives on growth, opportunity, and creativity. Interns will be a part of an accelerated learning program to challenge skills learned in the classroom and develop new skills while working on active Roadmaster projects.
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Flexible to Your Strengths

While here, you will be immersed in all marketing efforts we specialize in:
TV Production
Mail Campaigns
Social Media
Everything in-between!
That exposure will then relate to your specific skillset and strengths.

Pursue Growth

You will be front and center in our efforts from the first day you begin your experience with us. There is no place better suited to help you gain knowledge and expertise in your fields of interest.

While learning and improving, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals specializing in marketing creative strategies while loving what they do.

Show Us What You've Got

If you're the right fit, you should share these attributes, which are essential to the nature of our creative spirit:
Sky's the Limit Attitude
Roadmaster Marketing is growing, and we plan on continuing that trend. The current Roadmaster team members have all acquired new skills, many at an expert level.
Follow Our Mission Statement
Do the Right Thing, Exceed Expectations, and Make a Difference
Communication Champion
We need an individual who can quickly turn a conversation and idea into content. We encourage proactive creativity -- because there are no bad ideas, just slow execution.

Current Internship Positions

We offer positions for the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. 

The preferred duration of the internship is 10 to 12 weeks with a part-time schedule of 18 to 30 hours per week. Roadmaster Marketing is very flexible on all aspects of scheduling and works with our interns to ensure they can manage their time successfully. The selected individual will receive course credit provided, along with an hourly wage. Renewal of internship from one semester to the next is available.

Please submit your resume and examples of your work to:

Video Marketing Intern

This person will be a highly creative, conceptual thinker with a background or focus in video production to fill various roles dictated on a project-by-project basis. The Roadmaster Video Marketing Intern will work closely with our creative team, particularly our video production and creation efforts. 

Close collaboration with other creative team members (video producers, web content specialists, social media coordinators, and graphic designers) is integral to success. Applicants must have working knowledge and general understanding of the video production pipeline, visual theory, industry-standard techniques, technologies, equipment capabilities, and software. Successful applicants will be responsible for creative services, including pre-production design, production, and post-production video editing. 

The Video Marketing Intern will be responsible for many types of work, including product videos, social videos, micro-content, and special projects as assigned. Must ensure consistency while working within approved strategy alongside Roadmaster Marketing and their clients' visual brand identity and tone. Must be able to create new work or modify existing work as needed. Applicants must be familiar with video production best practices and be interested in evolving trends and new software/plugins.

Technology and Software Provided:

  • Computer

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (e.g. Premiere Pro)

  • Video Camera (Department Access)

  • Teleprompter (Department Access)

  • Tablets (Department Access)

Video Marketing Interns will gain the following from the Roadmaster Internship Program:

  • On-the-job video marketing experience focused on video production implemented across traditional media, social media, and website platforms.

  • Assist the video team on video shoots in our green screen studio or on location. 

  • Help organize and maintain our library of existing media 

  • Edit videos using Adobe Creative Cloud software

  • Invaluable marketing experience while working with a fast-paced marketing team to increase brand recognition.

Graphic Design Intern

We are excited to create this opportunity and will begin meeting with qualified, team-focused candidates who want to wow retail shoppers by creating engaging and entertaining graphics. 

This person will be a left-brain and right-brain thinker with the ability to transform ideas into a visual medium and love the process of creating marketing content.

They will also be self-motivated and enjoy autonomy but love to collaborate and participate as part of a team. They will have a working grasp of standard design principles and bring their own creative flair to the table. 

The individual will be responsible for developing and curating design content specifically for our online client base. Specifically, creating digital assets for social media platforms and our websites.

Technology and Software Provided:

  • Computer

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (e.g. Photoshop)

Graphic Design Interns will gain the following from the Roadmaster Internship Program:

  • On-the-job graphic design experience with a focus on digital design implemented across traditional media, social media and website platforms.

  • Invaluable marketing experience while working with a fast-paced marketing team to increase brand recognition.

  • Design visual assets for over 16 accounts while maintaining brand consistency.

  • Portfolio-quality graphic design content created during the internship.

  • Detailed knowledge of design software, including Adobe Creative Suite.

Social Media Marketing Intern

This opportunity is perfect for those interested in communicating through social channels and designing engaging and interactive content.

The right person prides themselves on knowing what people like to see and where to place the right message. A successful individual will be an excellent communicator with a great understanding of social media practices.

Further, they will be an excellent communicator with the chops to craft smart copy that resonates with multiple demographics and in various tones depending on the need. They also have excellent attention to detail, and the ability to respond to customer and client needs with tact and understanding.

Technology and Software Provided:

  • Computer

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Social Media Interns will gain the following from the Roadmaster Internship Program:

  • Experience assisting in managing various social media accounts and posting content to each. 

  • Brainstorming campaign ideas. 

  • Creating engaging blog and social media content.

  • Monitoring various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

  • Reviewing analytics to gauge the success of campaigns. 

  • Understanding the company's overall concept, including the brand, customer, tone, product goals, and other aspects of social media interaction. 

  • On-the-job experience across multiple social media and website platforms.

  • Invaluable marketing experience while working with a fast-paced marketing team to increase brand recognition.

  • Engaging with customers or clients and providing support when necessary.

  • Providing suggestions to management for improving customer experience on social platforms and internal processes. 

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