DriverGo, An Appetizing Dive Into the World of Applications

October 24, 2023

In the realm of automotive dealerships, the need for slick logistics is as crucial as a well-oiled engine. For the McGrath Family of Dealerships, giants in the Midwest automotive world, things were running, but not quite humming—until DriverGo cruised into the scene. With this nifty application at the wheel, driving logistics has shifted gears, bringing smiles to drivers and turbocharging productivity.

DriverGo Driver App

A Bumpy Ride

Before, the driver situation looked like this: a sprawling Excel sheet, a seemingly never-ending list of names, and the task of dialing each one. Yep, that was the "old-school" way of securing a driver. Not just a drag for the staff, this method sometimes led to awkward moments (think two drivers, one job) and, well, that typically resulted in doubled expenses. Ouch!

Cruisin’ with DriverGo

Much like those trendy ride-hail apps we all secretly love, DriverGo is all about seamless job assignments for drivers all within one simple application. No more mix-ups, no more double-bookings—just pure, efficient driving logistics.

The Brains Behind the Scenes

At the heart of this transformative app is Web Developer Andria Homewood, who led the development efforts. Supporting her was Marketing Director Cory Hosch, whose deep understanding of the client and logistical insights proved invaluable in this undertaking. And of course, the collective genius of the team shone through in the app's name, design, colors, and various background components, turning a simple idea into a powerful solution for driving logistics.

DriverGo Forward

DriverGo stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions addressing real-world problems. The McGrath Family of Dealerships has not only benefited from increased efficiency but also from a happier and more content driver pool.

DriverGo Manager Dashboard
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