3 Things That Keep a Social Media Specialist on Track

August 7, 2023

By Raphael Robertson

*Walks up to the mic and clears throat*

Without further ado, Raphael’s tools that keep him (me) on track.

Me, drumroll please (insert super wicked 15-second drumroll here) 🥁

That was sick now let’s get started.

1) Canva

Let me tell you Canva started out pretty good but it’s an absolute beast now. This is a legit all in one this list could literally start and stop here. From jazzing up photos to video editing to even social media post scheduling and AI generated content written and visual Canva does it all and on the fly. The mobile version is just as user-friendly as the desktop version.

2) Google Drive

We all know and love Google Drive so I don’t have to spend too much time here. All the content created with Canva can be stored on Google Drive and even though can have its own storage component it's not accessible to all moving to Google Drive is a far more convenient collaboration tool and is just as accessible from desktop and on mobile which makes it all super convenient.

3) iOS/iPhone

If you are going to be weaving in and out of digital lanes in these software streets, you need a device and an operating system that isn’t only powerful but can also simplify things. iOS makes this happen in the most convenient ways possible and it is the most effective way to make your own workflow seamless. 

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