Driving Success: Roadmaster’s Grand Victory

March 25, 2024

In the fast-paced world of automotive marketing, every new vehicle launch presents an opportunity for dealerships to showcase their latest and greatest. When Toyota introduced the Grand Highlander, McGrath Toyota of Iowa City (TIC) approached Roadmaster Marketing with one goal in mind: "Let’s win the damn competition!"

The Challenge

From the beginning, it was clear that TIC desired a campaign that exuded professionalism yet retained a sense of fun and engagement. “Let’s highlight the vehicle in a way that’s fun, yet informative. Maybe we should dress like we’re going out to a nice but casual dinner?!”

Toyota provided a rubric, which added an extra layer of challenge, necessitating a balance between creativity and adherence to the scoring guidelines. Roadmaster Marketing aimed not just to produce another generic vehicle review but to craft a compelling narrative that would captivate and retain a viewers' attention.

The Process

Deconstructing the rubric, Roadmaster Marketing recognized the underlying desire for a video that seamlessly showcased informative content while keeping the video entertaining. Rejecting the notion of a static, monotonous presentation, the team embarked on a brainstorming journey to infuse dynamism into the video. The goal was clear: to showcase the Grand Highlander comprehensively while allowing the on-screen talent to shine through with authenticity.

The Execution

Employing a multi-camera setup, Roadmaster Marketing meticulously captured both the essence of the Grand Highlander and the infectious energy of the on-screen talent. The result was a video that not only showcased the vehicle's features but also conveyed the passion and enthusiasm of TIC's staff. Their genuine excitement and expertise elevated the video, transforming it from a mere marketing tool into a compelling watch.

The Result

Roadmaster Marketing's innovative approach bore fruit with yet another 1st place victory. While there may not have been a physical trophy, the heartfelt message from the client served as a testament to the campaign's success (see below). It was a reaffirmation that, sometimes, the intangible rewards surpass the tangible ones.

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